Month: August 2015

What is a Drop Tower Ride?

A drop tower ride is an amusement park ride that is based upon a tall tower with a central core. A gondola type of seat or series of seats is lifted to the top of the tower, and then dropped, still attached to a mechanism on the tower.

The gondola, or seats fall at a free fall until near the end when the seats are slowed down and stopped by the mechanism slowly enough so there is no shock at the end nor is there any sudden stop.

Kids Frog Drop Tower Ride

The towers very in height and design with some being manufactured on an individual basis, and some being mass produced.

Most of the drop towers for sale that are in various amusement parks require that a child be of a certain age and a certain height in order to ride on the drop tower. This is to ensure that a child does not slip out of the protective harness in the seat which straps passengers in.

Some of the drop towers which is designed by amusement ride manufacturer will accelerate while falling and will cause the passengers to actually be lifted out of the seats in which they are riding.

Amusement Drop Tower Ride

One of the favorites among amusement park goers is the “Cliff Hanger” which has a height of roughly ten stories. The passengers get into their seats on the ground, and then they are lifted to the top. Then the seats are hung out away from the tower, giving the impression of nothingness below. (which is true, except for still being attached to the tower). Then suddenly, without warning the seats drop free fall, and are slowed down and stopped by the curving of the track upon which they are attached, until the seats stop. The passengers are on their back when they stop, as the track has curved that way upon slowing down and stopping.

Other names of drop towers are the Space Shot, The Pile Driver, The Double Shot, The Turbo Drop, the Flash Tower, and the Hurakan Condor. All of these different rides from have their own features such as the Turbo Drop has an air blast as it goes down.

Each year, thousands of thrilled fair goers ride drop towers to find out what it feels like to fall from a tower in free fall. Obviously not many people have experienced that before, making the ride a very popular and sensational experience for all ages. Check for details about the drop tower ride now!

Look At These Three New Rides! Disk’O Ride, Surf’ Up Ride, And Rockin’ Tug Rides!

20150313100201167Children and grown ups alive have always enjoyed a love affair of occurring rides, and over time things have changed to boost upon the product quality. Today you find rides for almost every population. Beston is a responsible and superior amusement equipment manufacturer. so no longer are you presently too short, weight an excessive amount of, too little or whatever, there they now make exciting and fun rides for everyone!

Three of the very popular rides today are the superior Disk’O Ride funfair thrill ride for sale, Surf’ Up Ride and Rockin’ Tug Rides. Each one of these rides are produced for each age bracket to enjoy, but mostly younger kids may find the greatest joy.

The Surf’s Up Ride  is definitely that, made from a huge surfboard that easily glides backwards 1-1501201541550-Land forwards and twists throughout. When you don’t like quick moving rides that swing almost everywhere, this not at all for you. It is probably the newer rides available on the market plus it mainly appeals the tween crowd, but just about anybody could have a lot fun about this major funfair  amusement ride for sale. You will discover the Surf’s Up and many amusement parks all over the country.

Next up may be the Disk’O Ride which is a crazy ride where everyone gets strapped into this disk and you also swing to and fro along the track going down and up in a very quick motion. Certainly not to the faint of heart, and is particularly something you will nothing like if you suffer from motion sickness. Kids spanning various ages will enjoy this ride as well as adults because it does often move quickly.

1-150331110926323Now you have the Rockin’ Tug kids amusement ride for sale and that is a fun little ride made for the younger folk to savor because of their parents. This is a little tugboat that rises a little bit of distance from the air and moves at very nice pace, although not too fast that it scares the little ones. Your young kids are sure to love this ride and you will too as you see the joy on his or her faces.

All 3 of those rides entice a mass audience and you can begin to see the creativity as ride makers learn what people love by far the most compared to the classical ride like superior carousel ride for sale. These rides are all built on portable platforms which makes them quite simple to move from a single place to the next. You can be certain to see the 3 on your local amusement part real soon!

More funfair ride you can see the video below: