If you have ever wanted to own your own concrete business then you should take a look at some mobile concrete mixer that is available on the market today. You will be amazed at how well these concrete mixers are made in relation to their low price. When it comes to any type of concrete mixer, you will want to purchase one that does not skimp on quality materials and poor manufacturing techniques. You can immediately notice a poor quality concrete mixer when comparing it to a high quality concrete mixer.

One of the advantages of purchasing mobile concrete mixers is that you can take them to any job-site and start mixing immediately. This will be advantageous for your business and you can start searching for work immediately after you purchase your machine. Once you have purchased your concrete mixer, you then need to find some customers. There are variety of ways to search for customers for your business, such as this site: http://chinaconcretemixers.com/.

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The first way involves calling on all of the local building contractors. It is a good idea to have a few repeat customers for your bread-and-butter type clients. The best bread-and-butter type clients to have are building contractors who are reputable and well-known in your local area. Once you have proven that you can provide good quality work with portable concrete mixer parts at a reasonable price you will be given the job.

The other advantage to having a builder or two as regular clients is that you can use them as referrals. Your business should consist of work for a building contractor and work for individual homeowners. The reason why you will want to do this is because the building contractor will not pay as much for a particular job as the homeowner will. The building contractor will be the bread-and-butter that helps you to remain financially stable. The homeowner will be the gravy that goes on top of the bread because with a homeowner you can charge a lot more for your work. You can find more here: http://chinaconcretemixers.com/mobile-concrete-mixer-for-sale/.


The reason why you can charge a homeowner a lot more for the work is because they will usually only provide you with a single job. However, the homeowner job is just as important as the contractor jobs. Make sure that you do quality work for the homeowner with a cement mixer small as well as the contractor because the homeowner will refer you to their friends and family. A referral is as close to an automatic job as you can get.


A homeowner may ask you to do a variety of small jobs around his house. Some of the small jobs may consist of concrete sidewalks, a small concrete slab for a backyard shed, a concrete fishpond, or a concrete retaining wall. Therefore, If you have purchased your concrete mixer that is mobile, you can start by first getting a bread-and-butter contractor and then by making up some attractive flyers so that you can distribute them to homes in various neighborhoods. Yes, being the owner of your own concrete business is perhaps the best thing that you have ever done.