One of the best choices that you can make if you are looking for a gantry crane is to work with a company by the name of Ellsen. This is a business that is a top producer of gantry cranes, and similar products, on a worldwide basis. You will be able to find many of their products on the web, each with a review, telling you about the cranes they are selling. If you are specifically looking for a 30 ton gantry crane, here is why purchasing one from Ellsen is going to be the most reliable and affordable solution for your facility.

What Is A 30 Ton Gantry Crane?

You have probably seen one of these structures before at a major facility such as a shipping yard or a warehouse. These are typically built outside, enormous structures that will have a lifting height of 12 m. They are so large, people can walk on top of them. They also make 15 and 20 time gantry cranes, and it is assembled with reels to move it. It uses modern technology, and provides all users with flexible operations that maximize on safety. 30 ton gantry cranes can adopt L-type model or double girder according to different work requirements, and you can know further about them by clicking

30 ton gantry crane for sale
30 ton Gantry Crane

Features Offered By This Type Of Gantry Crane

The features offered by this particular type of gantry crane will depend upon the model. For example the 30 ton U double girder gantry crane is constructed with a maximum of 35 m span length, a lifting height of 12 m maximum, and can lift loads up to 7.5 m/m. It is a A5 work duty crane that has a P 50 track type. Another type that they have available is the MG double girder gantry crane that has identical parameters but it also has a trolley with the speed of up to 42.4 m/m. There are several other types, including those that have only two or three supporting leg structures, each of which is capable of moving between 15 and 50 tons. If you want to get more information on double girder gantry cranes, you can visit this page

How To Get The Best Deal On This Particular Gantry Crane From Ellsen

This gantry crane is very unique because it is middle of the road, positioned in between the lightweight and heavyweight models. It is one that you can trust to lift heavy loads with these, and based upon its construction, and the reputation of the company, you will know that it will be completely safe to operate. It is built to be stable, capable of withstanding outer elements such as high winds and rain, and is designed with the latest pulleys and trolleys. You can get a good deal by searching for distributors of this particular crane, or you may be able to contact the manufacturer directly to see what prices they have available.

This will be a much needed addition to any large-scale operation that is lifting containers off of vessels, or loading containers onto trucks for shipment. It is a large-scale device, one of the largest in the world, and you can trust Ellsen to make one that is exceptional and safe. For more details on Ellsen gantry cranes, please just visit this