Benefits Of Buying A Small-Scale Concrete Pump

A concrete pump is essentially needed in most construction projects, where the equipment’s main job is to convey liquid mixed concrete to the construction site. These pumps are capable of transferring the liquid concrete from the tank/mixer to the site- these particularly come in handy in hard to access areas. While boom concrete pumps are required/used in larger sites, small scale concrete pumps are the most economical and especially when working on a smaller construction job such as sidewalks, ground slabs, and small bridges. Discussed below are the reasons for, and benefits of investing in a small scale concrete pump.

1. Reduced Need for Manpower

HBT30R diesel small concrete pump

Concrete pumps save you the need for workforce needed transfer concrete to the site. The concrete pump comes equipped with boom arms that make delivering the concrete, even in hard to reach parts, relatively easy and with minimal effort. It therefore cuts the overhead costs and needs to hire more men in the worksite. In addition to this, the pump equipment is capable of working for hours at the same rate/speed, which is unlike depending on manpower which decreases as time goes by due to tiredness. Very few people (2-3) are needed to operate the equipment as well.

2. Reliability and Speed

Although they may seem somewhat tiny, the small-scale concrete pump is a higher performer, stable, and reliable too. The equipment can pump tons of liquid concrete to the desired location with precision within the shortest time possible. This helps speed up the project thus making it easier to deliver quality results, fast.

3. Flexible Transportation

Transporting the mini concrete pump to worksites is relatively easy as well. If trailer-mounted, the pump can be taken virtually anywhere with a powerful enough truck. Small concrete pumps are often preferred in hard to access areas where only smaller trucks would access. You can therefore choose between trailer-mounted or smaller concrete pumps depending on whatever projects you will be working on. Fuel consumption for both the truck and the pump is relatively low as well, hence manageable for any contractor.

HBTS40-12-82R diesel small concrete pump

4. Easier to Setup

One of the key advantages of small-scale concrete pumps is the fact that they are very easy to set up. You don’t need vast spaces to set the equipment up. The trailer/pump can be set up in a small space or clearing to start operating. Setting up everything will take anything from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the situation, which is unlike boom pumps that can take days to set up. This again translates to faster operation, quick concrete delivery, and fewer delays.

5. Mini Concrete Pumps Are Easy to Operate

Many of the small-scale concrete pumps on the market today are automated. You only need to know what switch to use when operating the pumps, with its internal systems helping control pumping pressure, performance, and efficiency. It only takes a few minutes or an hour to know how to operate these pumps from the start. In addition to the ease of use and operation, these pumps are energy efficient hence use up very little fuel. AIMIX GROUP has many types of concrete pumps for your reference, you can check more details:

You don’t have to depend on manpower to mix and transfer concrete anymore. Small-scale concrete pumps are designed to handle just that but with increased efficiency, speed, and precision, at half the cost.