Mini Concrete Batching Mixing Plant Prices And Specifications

A mini concrete batch mixing plant has a lower price tag and a smaller area requirement for operation compared to other types of concrete manufacturing plants for sale. A mini plant is a somewhat modern invention and is ideal for meeting the concrete requirements of small-scale construction projects. Don’t be fooled by the small size, however, as a mini concrete mixing plant is just a capable of producing high-quality concrete at a consistent rate as large plant, just in lower volumes.

Different types of mini concrete plant – stationary and mobile type

Mini concrete batching plants for sale are available in two main types: stationary and mobile. The type you opt for will depend on the use cases of your building and construction firm. However, selecting the right model is very important as stationary and mobile models each have their own sets of benefits and drawbacks. The main difference between the two types is that stationary mini concrete batch mixing plants require the construction of foundations, while portable mini plants are stationed on top of a mobile chassis.


Some of the core specifications to take note of when comparing different plant types include productivity rate, mixer model, mixer power, category of aggregates, weight, power requirements, and more. Two popular models of stationary mini concrete batching plants for sale are the AJ-35 and the AJ-25. The AJ-25 has theoretical productivity of 25m3/h while the AJ-35 has theoretical productivity of 35m3/h. You need to calculate the concrete demands of your business in order to select the right model for your needs.

The automatic level of a mini concrete batch mixing plant is another core factor that you need to take into consideration when shopping around for new machinery for your construction firm. You can purchase, manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic types. Fully automatic types can be significantly more costly but are often worth the extra investment cost over the long term as they require fewer employees for operation.


Find a good concrete plant suppliers online

The best suppliers of mini plants, like Aimix Group, have decades of experience in the industry and export equipment all over the world. Aimix Group, for example, has sold mixing plants to customers in over 60 different countries including Russia, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Indonesia, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Thailand, and Vietnam. The most important qualities to look for when choosing a supplier are high-quality machinery, fast delivery services, and proficient bilingual customer service teams.

You typically have to contact a manufacturer or supplier directly to obtain a price quote for various models of mini concrete mixing plants. You can contact them via phone, e-mail, or online web chat. Many suppliers have branch offices in core location across the globe. You can visit those branches in person to get personalized expert buying advice.

AJ-35 mini plant

Look for suppliers that offer site planning, site management, installation, commissioning, operator training, plant operation services, relocation, routine maintenance services, and retrofitting techniques. Fully-automatic concrete batching plants are complex pieces of equipment, and many models require setup and debugging by expert engineers. Don’t be tempted by cheap suppliers that offer no after-sales services. If you want to learn more information about mini concrete plant, continue to click here,