Mobile Concrete Mixing Plants – Their Composition and Capacity

Mobile concrete mixing plants (мобильные бетонные заводы) can be just as powerful and productive as stationary plants. You might not think this is possible but with the design and technology implementing in creating today’s machines, it is. Some of the mobile units can surpass that which stationary machines can produce.

Now is a good time to consider investing in a mobile concrete mixing plant. You can get the productivity you need at a price that you can afford.

mobile concrete batching plant
mobile concrete batching plant

Mobile Concrete Plant Composition

Each plant has the same basic components as stationary plants have. They have an aggregate feeder, a single-shaft or double-shaft mixer, a drying drum, a skip bucket, and an optional storage silo. View all types of mobile mixers on a manufacturer’s website: http// The product pages display the basic specifications, features, and options that you can choose for the mobile plant you order.

Some mobile units must be installed with a foundation. The foundation is a feature typically required for stationary units. Large mobile mixers need foundations as well. Mobile units are designed to move with the help of a trailer and also come with a chassis, an axle, and tires.

When you shop for a mixing plant online, you can easily check or all the above components that are included in every mobile concrete mixing plant. Compare and contrast the features, specifications and manufacturers’ warranties or service plans as you shop. If you need help, simply e-mail the company to find out more details about the product that interests you. Most manufacturer websites share case studies online where you can view details and photos of their machines in use on major job sites:

concrete batching plant
concrete batching plant

The Capacity of Mobile Concrete Plants

Most assumptions are that stationary machines will put out much more concrete per hour than a mobile machine. Actually, there are some machines that can reach up to 150 m³. Smaller units can hold about 30 m³ per hour. Loading capacities, cement capacities, and water capacities vary from one machine to the next.

If you are ready to order a machine, start shopping online now. You can have mobile concrete mixing plants shipped to you anywhere from any country. The most reputable manufacturers offer plenty of help if you need it while shopping online. If you are unsure about making a commitment to a mobile mixer, consider buying a used model. They come with service agreements and warranties, too.

Mobile units offer the same degree of quality and capacity as stationary models. They are often much more affordable and require less money to install and operate. In fact, the main cost of operating a mobile concrete mixer is fuel. You need that to take the unit to a job site using a trailer.

You can use the mobile plant at any job site you need or want to. They are less costly to operate than stationary machines and offer you more flexibility with work. They have similar composition and capacity so you do not have to worry about sacrificing these for the convenience of a mobile plant.